Welcome to New Zealand’s premier Zombie Survival Experience
Do you have what it takes to survive a Zombie Infestation?

“Totally epic. I couldn't stop laughing but running for my life at the same time!! Highly recommended.” - Kent Mcnish

Infected by a mutating virus, zombie outbreaks have been confirmed in Riverhead West Auckland, with rumours of other locations throughout New Zealand. To neutralise the threat, Zombie Eradication Response Operation - Z.E.R.O has created an elite Zombie Suppression Force. Now we need recruits.

The Location
Enter the woods in Riverhead West Auckland, under the cover of darkness and experience the real dangers of traversing a zombie infested forest.

The Mission
Under the authority of the Zombie Suppression Order No. 2245-01 we have been authorised to recruit the brave few for an authentic story driven zombie experience.

You are about to enter ground zero of a zombie outbreak after a failed Special Forces mission to purge the threat. Armed with only a torch and your wits can you survive?

New Zealand “WANTS YOU”

Join ZERO and save your country from the zombie horde!

Upcoming outbreaks

Zombie outbreaks are notoriously difficult to predict however leading scientists in the field of zombie biology have made significant strides in recent months. As predictions of new outbreaks are increasing, we urgently need survivors to enquire about dates, times and availability. Volunteers are required to replace our dwindling ranks of special forces who continue to suffer heavy casualties in our ongoing fight to contain the infection.   

Enlistment Standards

Under the Zombie Suppression Order the call has been sent out for those who aren’t afraid to be scared. We are accepting groups with all kinds of motives so email Z.E.R.O HQ for our Top Secret files containing Classified discounts and strategic information to plan your zombie mission.

  • Stag/Hen Do
  • Corporate team-building sessions
  • Group bookings
  • Private Parties
  • *Families

*Children must be over 14 years and accompanied by a legal guardian

Classified Gift Packs

Enlist your fellow citizen into Z.E.R.O’s elite task force. Click here to find out more about our personalised gift packs designed for the real zombie lover - redeemable against all our events