WHO WE ARE. Mission of the Zombie Survival Challenge

Enter the world of the top rated Zombie Survival Challenge in New Zealand. Our mission has always been to create the most immersive experiences possible with a horde of authentic zombie performers, complete with specifical effects and make-up, absorbing new and returning recruits into a frighteningly fun event that will keep them coming back for more.

We literally lie awake at night machinating about new ways to improve the fidelity of the experience and with a 4.7 star rating on Facebook love to see the different reactions of people to every detail. Each weekend event brings a new group of recruits - stag/hen Do’s, families, friends, corporate teams and even first dates looking for a unique rush. From the moment you exit your vehicle and make your way down a dimly lit dirt path the tension begins to grow. You never know what to expect, in fact we pride ourselves on ensuring that you don’t!

It’s All About Consistency
Creating a consistently immersive survival experience is all about authenticity. That’s why our zombies undergo a rigorous selection process based on adaptability, fitness and consistency. Those selected receive extensive reconditioning for their new lives as part of the meandering horde and while we do offer ‘safe’ words for those in desperate need our experienced zombies never break character. This commitment to immersion extends to our Z.E.R.O military personnel and equipment, panicked radio chatter setting the stage for the ensuing chaos, right through to our briefing process beforehand.

We Want You
You might be wondering what type of recruit most often enlists for such a unique thrill seeking, kinetic experience? From the outside it can even appear a tad violent with fear, fun, sweat and the occasional bruise from madly dashing away from the waiting zombie horde in the dark. What we can tell you is that after running this event since 2013, we have encountered all manner of groups, men and women between the age of 14 - 80 years looking for an element of believable danger mixed with a whole lot of immersive fun. Most events we see a familiar face with a new group that he or she has recruited.

We are constantly reinvesting in the business with new events, props and ideas so Join Z.E.R.O and save your country from the zombie horde.

New Zealand "WANTS YOU"

Join ZERO and save your country from the zombie horde!