Hire a zombie

With increased sightings of zombies in the greater Auckland region, a sense of growing dread has lead to panic and disappear as people lose hope. Desperate times have seen otherwise rational people resort to extreme measures to survive.

One example of this increasingly strange behaviour is ZSC employ the SPCA to capture zombies for the expressed purpose of offering them as entertainment for their clients exclusive amusement.

Hosting a zombie event at your next birthday, corporate event or party natuarely comes with an increased safety risk which even ACC won’t protect you from. Contact Z.E.R.O HQ to discuss the requirements for your next event. We offer hordes of authentic zombie performers, complete with specifical effects, make-up and even offer catering services.

We work with you to create a custom zombie experience like nothing you have seen before.

Your guests will enjoy a memorable event to die for.

What you can look forward to:

  • Unleash the zombie horde at a location of your choice
    By purchasing a ticket, you accept the Terms and Conditions


  • To be organised with you

Zombie service includes:

  • Authentic zombie horde complete with costumes, make-up and props
  • Custom event designed in collaboration with you
  •  Catering service available

Contact Z.E.R.O HQ for our Top Secret files containing Classified information to plan your zombie experience.